Classic and Old school

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K112 Continental K112 Rear

Continental K112 Rear

For 70's classic Motorcycle lovers If attention to detail is very important to you when it comes to your classic motorcycle with its meticulously...

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K37 Heidenau K37

Heidenau K37

Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire K37 Dual Sport Tire A tire with a block profile especially suited for classic military bikes and Urals, the K37 combines...

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SIDECAR Avon Sidecar

Avon Sidecar

Avon Sidecar The Sidecar Triple Duty Universal, its full name is a bit of a mouthful and although especially suited to the front wheel it can be used...

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SMMKII Avon Saftey Milage MKII Rear

Avon Saftey Milage MKII Rear

Safety Mileage MK11 Classic block pattern rear tyre Available in a variety of different tread patterns designed to suit older bikes Modern rubber...

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AM9 Avon AM9 Universal

Avon AM9 Universal


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classicattack Conti Classic Attack

Conti Classic Attack

ContiClassicAttack Newly developed radial tires for classic motorcycles. Exceptionally easy handling with ultra high grip and cornering stability....

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K28Sidecar Heidenau K28 Sidecar

Heidenau K28 Sidecar

K28 Motorcycle Sidecar Tire The K28 is our newly-developed sidecar tire. Drive and steering forces are distributed over a large area of contact...

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A320Coker Coker Front 3.00 x 20

Coker Front 3.00 x 20

Coker Classic  Rib front. 20" Not spoilt for choice when it comes to 20"

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A320CokerRear Coker Rear 300 x 20

Coker Rear 300 x 20


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