Sport Touring

Touring,hills riding, commuting 

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
AM26 Avon AM26

Avon AM26

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BT45H Bridgestone BT45 H

Bridgestone BT45 H

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BT45V Bridgestone BT45 V

Bridgestone BT45 V

Bridgestone are introducing the Bt46 to replace the Bt45 >BATTLAX BT-45/46 is a sports & touring type tyre offered in both H and V speed ratings....

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G721 Bridgestone G721 Striker

Bridgestone G721 Striker

G721 Front Superb Handling Touring Tyres with excellent grip under high-performance conditions. Comfortable Ride Neutral handling gives the rider...

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G852 Bridgestone G852 Striker

Bridgestone G852 Striker

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T31 Bridgestone T31 Sport Touring

Bridgestone T31 Sport Touring

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RoadAttack2 Continental Road Attack 2

Continental Road Attack 2

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RoadAttack3 Continental Road Attack 3

Continental Road Attack 3

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RoadAttack3GT Continental Road Attack 3 GT

Continental Road Attack 3 GT

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GT301 Dunlop GT301

Dunlop GT301

GT301 The second generation in the Arrowmax series GT301 is retained in four sizes only and complements the fourth generation Arrowmax GT501 . The...

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