Sport Touring

Touring,hills riding, commuting 

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AM26 Avon AM26

Avon AM26

Ideal for mid-range bikes ,Classics and Modern era Race compounds are available in a range of sizes.     Large contact patch for...

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BT15 Bridgestone BT15 GSX1300 Rear

Bridgestone BT15 GSX1300 Rear

BT15 RBZ Battlax Is the original rear on a GSX1300r Hayabusa. High performance sport radial tires specifically designed and tested for these models...

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BT20 Bridgestone BT20 Front

Bridgestone BT20 Front

BT20  Front  VB Original equipment 1 Bias construction, K1200 LT'03 Model   Designed for sport-touring oriented riders who look...

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BT20 Rear Bridgestone BT20 Rear

Bridgestone BT20 Rear

BT20 Rear VB Bias construction, K1200 LT'03 Model Designed for sport-touring oriented riders who look for riding comfort, tire life, and tire...

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BT45H Bridgestone BT45 H

Bridgestone BT45 H

Bridgestone BT45 BT-45V” and “BT-45H” are designed with the same patterns.  Customers wishing to enjoy all around...

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BT45V Bridgestone BT45 V

Bridgestone BT45 V

BATTLAX BT-45 is a sports & touring type tyre offered in both H and V speed ratings. BATTLAX BT-45 gives all-round street performance, with...

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G511 Bridgestone G511

Bridgestone G511

G511 Honda CBX 250 OE Front  Tube type tyre The excedra G series of tyres are Original Equipment on a large number of current and late model...

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G721 Bridgestone G721 Striker

Bridgestone G721 Striker

G721 Front Superb Handling Touring Tyres with excellent grip under high-performance conditions. Comfortable Ride Neutral handling gives the rider...

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G852 Bridgestone G852 Striker

Bridgestone G852 Striker

G852 Rear  Original Equipment tyre for yamaha Stryker, radial construction, high performance good all round tyre.  

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T31 Bridgestone T31 Sport Touring

Bridgestone T31 Sport Touring

BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T31 The Bridgestone BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T31 (T31) is the flagship model for the sport touring category. This tire maintains...

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