Road Trail

Product Code Product Image Item Name Price
AM44 Avon AM44 Distanzia

Avon AM44 Distanzia

AM44 Distanzia Rear Matching rear for the AM43 The all-rounder for trail and dual-sport bike Specially designed for larger capacity dual-sport bikes...

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AV53 Avon AV53 Trailrider

Avon AV53 Trailrider

AV53 Trailrider   New Super Rich Silica Compound using the very latest compounding technology to enhance wet grip Multi-compound treads on...

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A40 Bridgestone A40

Bridgestone A40

Bridgestone brings Battlax performance levels to the Adventure segment The new Battlax Adventure A40 expands the all-weather potential of trail...

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TW Bridgestone TW

Bridgestone TW

TW What can you say, classic trials universal pattern original equipment on many a mini bike.

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TW22A Bridgestone TW22A

Bridgestone TW22A

TW22A The best of both worlds ,large block tread for off road and solid centre line for maximising on road milage.


TW301 Bridgestone TW301

Bridgestone TW301

TW301      Trail Wing is for seekers of fun, both on and off the road. Pattern Bridgestone have also upgraded the effective...

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TW302 Bridgestone TW302

Bridgestone TW302

TW302 TRAIL WING is for seekers of fun, both on and off the road. The Pattern Bridgestone have also upgraded the effective pattern design, improved...

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TW31 Bridgestone TW31

Bridgestone TW31

TW31 On and off road, Trail wings overall performance pattern is uni-directional its block and compound design make for reliable performance on dry...

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TW41 Bridgestone TW41

Bridgestone TW41

TW41 A good all rounder, mainly for the road, great on dirt roads 70% road.

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TW42 Bridgestone TW42

Bridgestone TW42

TW42 Good on and off road ,great road holding and dirt road/ trail performance. A combination of compound, block design and pattern make for a good...

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