Road Racing

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AM18 Avon AM18 Race

Avon AM18 Race

Excellent grip delivered by the scientifically stressed casing using Avon Motorsport compounds. Available in 2 sizes (Front and rear) 100/90-19 in...

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AM22 Avon AM22 Race

Avon AM22 Race

AM 22 Race Front and rear available , very popular and successfull race tyre. Rear available in two compounds.

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AM23 Avon AM23 Race

Avon AM23 Race

Excellent grip delivered by scientifically stressed casing combined with racing compounds. Race-bred contour ensures a large footprint at all angles....

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AM26 Race Avon AM26 Race

Avon AM26 Race

The racing version of the Roadrider has proved to be a race winner on numerous occasions since its introduction in 2009. The 90/90-19 front and...

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AVON GP Avon GP Racing

Avon GP Racing

GP Race Rear The avon GP rear has the lot Show & Go looks like it belongs on a classic but performs like a modern tyre. The classic rear racing...

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UNIRace Comp Avon UNI Race Comp

Avon UNI Race Comp

Roadrunner Race Universal Designed to be used as a front or rear tyre the 80/90H18 universal is the narrowest tyre in the racing range. Available in...

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RS10 R Bridgestone RS10 R

Bridgestone RS10 R

RS10 TYRE-R adopts "GP-BELT" structure which directly inherits MotoGP’s high technology for the rear tire while maintaining the...

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RaceAttack Continental Race Attack

Continental Race Attack

High performance tire for the race track. High performance race tire available in various compounds for the perfect adaptation to different...

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RaceAttackRain Continental Race Attack Rain

Continental Race Attack Rain

Competition rain tire (NHS). Innovative pattern design to ensure optimal water clearance and high grip in extreme wet track conditions. Controllable...

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TT900GP Dunlop TT900GP

Dunlop TT900GP

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