Road Racing

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RaceAttack Continental Race Attack

Continental Race Attack

High performance tire for the race track. High performance race tire available in various compounds for the perfect adaptation to different...

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RaceAttackRain Continental Race Attack Rain

Continental Race Attack Rain

Competition rain tire (NHS). Innovative pattern design to ensure optimal water clearance and high grip in extreme wet track conditions. Controllable...

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TT900GP Dunlop TT900GP

Dunlop TT900GP

TT900 GP Agility comes standard , very popular post classic tyre and very well priced , for those who want grip but not the Race only price tag. The...

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D211GPS Dunlop D211 GP Racer Soft Compound

Dunlop D211 GP Racer Soft Compound

Dunlop D211 GP Racer Soft Compound Front Racers are always happy with the best. And that’s the competition D211 GP, a race tyre that has won...

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D211GPM Dunlop D211 GP Racer Medium Compound

Dunlop D211 GP Racer Medium Compound

D211 GP Racer Developed and manufactured in the U.S., the Sportmax D211 GP-A is used exclusively in the AMA Daytona SportBike and SuperSport classes,...

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GPR12 Dunlop GPR12

Dunlop GPR12

DUNLOP SPORTMAX GPR 12Н tire tread is composed with four different materials, which constitutes 7 tire zones. Size of these zones and...

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GPR13Z Dunlop GPR13 over 600cc

Dunlop GPR13 over 600cc

GPR13Z    Sportsmax  Alpha13Z Made in Japan, the Alpha 13Zs race inspired constructed with Multi Tread and jointless tread...

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GPR13H Dunlop GPR13 up to 600cc

Dunlop GPR13 up to 600cc

GPR13 or Alpha 13 Popular Motard  tyre Alpha-13’s hyper sport tire features highly enhanced performance with better mileage. • Newly...

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K81GP Dunlop K81 TT100GP

Dunlop K81 TT100GP

K81 / TT100 GP compound Improving on the legend   In 1969 the TT100 became the first tire to lap the TT course at over 100mph on a production...

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TT93 Dunlop TT93 Race

Dunlop TT93 Race

 TT93 Front & Rear A street legal track tyre for scooter racers The TT93 GP is a very focused tyre. Inspired by world championship-winning...

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