About Tyrenerd

We are a specialist motorbike tyre store. We hold thousands of tires in stock, cheap to the latest race, motocross to scooter and this web page gives you access to all of them.

Tyrenerd Service: This is a shop for people who know what tyre products they want. If you need sales or product assistance, please email or call GC Motorcycles, and one of helpful staff will assist you.

We buy popular tyres in bulk when available to help iron out problems with non supply from our suppliers. We often have stock when other stores have run out.

Tyrenerd Range: We keep over 1000 different tyre products covering all types of motorcycles. If we need to order a tyre in for you, we are happy to do so. Some tyres take months to come in, if you need that tyre then it's a journey we will take together. Not every tyre in the world is available in Australia; we'll do our best to supply what you want. If you can't see the tyre on our website, send us an email and we will try to track one down for you.

We stock Harley Davidson tyres, Ducati tyres, Goldwing tyres, tyres for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia, Kawasaki. We stock scooter tires from 50cc through Maxi Scooters.

Tyrenerd Pricing:All the prices you see on this website include free freight to capital cities. Send us an email and we will work it all out for you.

Some motorcycles offer additional challenges to fitting tyres, so as a rule of thumb, we allow about 30minutes to fit each tyre, if it takes longer we can charge additional labour. It's a rare occurrence, if you are worried, just ask.

Tyrenerd Safety: Motorcycle tyres are complicated. Never have they been so diverse, so it's more important than ever to make sure the tyre is the right one for your bike. If you have any doubts please ask. Sometimes tyre sizes might be the same but for vastly different machines. For example a 200/55-17 tyre size is used on BOTH Harley Davidson Soft tails and Ducati Race bikes, needless to say the two bikes need different types of tyre.

Tyrenerd says: Don't forget new tyres are slippery so don't slip - grip!