Bridgestone TH01 scooter

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Bridgestone TH01

The first Battlax Radial for big scooters. Improved performance throughout a wide range of scenarios, from city riding to long-distance touring. Authorized as the standard tyres for the Suzuki Burgman 650 scooter


A radial construction to attain high-dimensional performance for both safe and responsive handling,and for pure comfort during days of long sport touring

Tread rubber

A soft compound is used in the tread rubber of the front tyre to provide riding comfort. The rear tyre uses a long-life compound that contains silica to maintain excellent grip in wet conditions while reducing wear.


Achieving both linear and neutral handling through an aggressive lug pattern that utilises a single crown profile.


Optimized groove layout on the centre part of the front pattern to improve contact. The grooves on the rear pattern from the centre area to the shoulder has been unified throughout the tread to attain neutral and progressive characteristics

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