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DUNLOP SPORTMAX GPR 12Н tire tread is composed with four different materials, which constitutes 7 tire zones. Size of these zones and material parameters were selected in strict accordance with requirements of quick and powerful contemparory motorcycles. In the process of development of this tire type both front and rear wheel load in different motion modes was taken into account. Besides, a low tire mass provides excellent motorcycle handling.

Tire design

Combined Tire Technology (C.T.T.) presupposes the tire structure optimal for high-speed cornering. The rear structure HES-JLB makes the tire stable at high speeds, at the same time making it soft on road surface irregularities. This improves motorcycle ride comfort. The front tyre has a light and stiff carcass and a two-layer breaker. Thanks to that the motorcycle quickly but smoothly responds to steering control.

Tire tread pattern

The tread was created with the help of C.T.T technology which implies slope traction modeling. At the same time, hydroplaning modeling technology was used. Thanks to that water is very efficiently removed from the contact area through grooves of exact form and area. High efficiency of water removal from the contact area is not to the detriment of excellent traction properties of these tires on dry surface

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