Dunlop MX3S Geomax

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MX3S MX/SX/Enduro   Soft-Intermediate

The Geomax MX3S carries a wealth of innovative features that allow the tire to dig down deep for extra traction in sand and mud, resulting in tenacious grip across a wide range of soft-terrain conditions.

The Geomax MX3S features Dunlop’s patented, tapered, “chiseled” shoulder-block shape. A taper in the block creates a smaller point on top that allows the knob to penetrate through the ground’s soft surface layer and grab the firmer ground beneath to gain traction instead of floating on the surface.

Limited block surface creates a more open pattern for enhanced penetration in soft dirt/sand to contact harder ground for enhanced traction.

Chiseled shoulder-block shape helps improve side traction and makes traversing ruts easier.

Geomax Reinforced Pattern (GRP) design connects and reinforces the tread blocks for greater tread stiffness, while recessed design in the area between tread blocks helps give the tire superb compliance and ride comfort.

Knobs are placed in a unique linked shoulder-block design for better traction and grip in soft-to-intermediate riding conditions.

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