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Bridgestone brings Battlax performance levels to the Adventure segment

The new Battlax Adventure A40 expands the all-weather potential of trail radials for the great number of bikers who ride their adventure machines primarily for on-road touring.

By fusing the MotoGP heritage of the Battlax brand with the proven performance of Battle Wing tyres, Bridgestone has created an Adventure tyre that delivers enhanced traction and stability, particularly on wet surfaces, and greater durability.

Aiming for greater pleasure and safety in all conditions

The goal of Bridgestone engineers was to significantly improve Battle Wing’s dry and wet handling – without sacrificing its high-level stability and durability – giving adventure bikers greater pleasure and safety on all roads and in all conditions.

This has been achieved with Battlax Adventure A40, firstly by improving dry handling without loss of stability: a new front tyre profile produces a larger contact area at high lean angles for better cornering grip; larger tread blocks add stiffness for more cornering stability; and Bridgestone’s mono-spiral belt construction on the front tyre improves shock absorption, for greater rider comfort and less fatigue.

New groove design adds wet grip and cornering stability

Secondly, wet performance has been improved by the development of a new compound formula incorporating Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech technology which helps reduce heat generation caused by tyre deformation.

At the same time, Bridgestone has reengineered the A40 tread patterns to upgrade wet performance and stability. By redesigning the groove angles and layout on the front tread pattern, cornering stability has been enhanced and uneven wear reduced. Wider grooves on front and rear improve water clearance and upgrade wet performance. The layout of the grooves on the rear tyre facilitate larger blocks, for added stiffness, which provides more stability during cornering.

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