Bridgestone ED12

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ED12 Enduro/Motocross

The Bridgestone  ED12 are real Enduro race tyres with dynamic block patterns and motorcross compounds. Ideal for Enduro competitors who need off-road performance. This tyre is not FIM approved.


Motocross tires and Enduro tires (Competition) are for racing purpose only. Not for highway use.
Wrong choice of spec will cause damage of tires.
Please set up air pressure during 0.7-1.2kgf/cm2. For rough indication, 1.0kgf/cm2 (front and rear) is for Hard terrain and 0.7kgf/cm2 is for Soft terrain.
Keeping air pressure less than 0.6kgf/cm2 and riding for many hours would cause damage on tire.

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